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Included Services

Praxis Cashier - Processing Solutions

Processing Solutions

Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, E-wallets and more. Bring your existing processors and get instant integration with many more.

Praxis Cashier - Consultation


Our staff constantly monitors your transactions to quickly detect processing issues and offer resolutions.

Praxis Cashier - Custom Design

Custom Design

The cashier is native to your website. Users are given a simple and direct experience while you easily manage cashier features and rules from the back office.

Our Payment Model


Set Up

Set Up

Pre-launch setup

One API integration, configure all existing and new PSP, set limits, risk rules, graphics, training, users and more!


Monthly Fee

Monthly Fee

Billing at the end of the month

A limitless number of users, support hours, graphics changes, new processor intros, data analysis and advice.




Bill on demand

When you demand a new PSP integration we do it fast and at cost. Just send us the API and we'll get started.