One Integration


We have over 150 integrated payment solutions, from the largest banks and Tier 1 PSP's, to e-wallets, instant wire solutions and localized APM's. We add new solutions each month. Save time and money by letting us do your integration work for you

A single integration with Praxis Cashier acts as a universal "plug and play" with over 150 payment solutions. That means you can go live with any payment processor the moment you receive your live credentials. It is all at your fingertips, just complete our easy 5-step integration

  • Step 1- Send Praxis your API
  • Step 2- We connect your API to Praxis
  • Step 3- Place Cashier on your website
  • Step 4- Praxis staff configure, test and train
  • Step 5- Go LIVE with your new Praxis Cashier

PraxisCashier proved to be a professional service provider from the outset. We appreciate their proactive approach and ability to suggest improvements and payment solutions regularly which save us so much time and money!

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