Introducing Praxis Bridge!

OCT 23, 2018

Our smart cashier has become even smarter!

We are excited to introduce to you ‘Praxis BRIDGE‘ ! Not only do we continue to route payments to the most optimal processor by analysing card types and currencies helping make those all-important better routing decisions.
But now, with ‘Praxis BRIDGE‘, further customization and routing of your actual clients has become possible. Enhanced to allow routing of deposit limits and methods as per country, currency, affiliate, campaign or in fact any desired parameter!


Customization in-line with business objectives is possible!
It’s our powerfully simple and simply powerful tool that allows you to assign certain clients or groups of clients to various profiles, and YOU control the unique minimum and maximum deposit limitations.
Do you want your First Time Depositor’s to have higher deposit ‘minimum limits’ for specific ‘countries’ which are introduced by known ‘affiliates’?
You now can!
Optimise your business with Praxis today, contact us now!

Never hesitate to reach out to our support team who is always happy to assist!
Feel free to email us anytime at [email protected]