November Newsletter

NOV 1, 2016

It’s a new month and with that we wanted to wish your business the very best in the weeks ahead!

We are happy to announce that we had a very successful migration to our new server at Amazon. This has enabled us to have the most up to date and stable servers, guaranteeing all business operations be performed with the highest security and stability.

We have a few helpful reminders that we wanted to share, as well as our feature of the month.

Helpful Reminders:

  • Please remember to update us with any changes from your PSPs. It is important to keep your settings up to date, and often different PSPs have different agreements with different merchants. Sometimes a PSP may have specific updates for your brand, and it is important that you inform us, so we can alter your settings if necessary.
  • We are here, utilize our support! We remind you that our support team is fully available at [email protected]. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns about your daily operations, which we monitor through our Helpdesk ticketing system.

Feature of the Month: Card on File

Card on file is a great risk management tool built into Praxis Pay. It allows your team to understand if a customer’s payment methods are verified. What this feature does is alert your team as soon as a new credit card is used by any customer. This alert reminds you to get verification of this particular credit card from your customer, so that you have proper documentation on file. Once you receive the verification, you go into the back office of Praxis Pay and mark the card as “On File.” After this is marked, you will no longer receive an alert when this particular credit card is used. This helps your risk team stay organized and efficient, and to fully utilize our alert system. When used correctly and regularly, it allows your business to be fully up to date with your clients, and protects your business operations.

To mark a card on file:

  • Simply go into the customer’s account in the back office of Praxis Pay. You select a customer’s ALL OPTIONS and click on Payment Methods.
  • You will be directed to the following page, where all credit cards that resulted in a successful transaction are saved. You will notice that On File currently says “N.”
  • Click the “Edit” button on the far left, which will open the following window below. Under “Info on File?” change the drop down option from No to Yes.
  • Once you have selected Yes, click the OK button at the bottom of the window, to fully update the system.
  • You will directed back to the Payment Options window, which will now have a “Y” that has replaced the “N”.
  • This means the card is correctly marked as “On File,” and you will no longer receive alerts to get the card verified.

We hope you find these tips helpful and wish you an amazing November full of MANY successful transactions!


The Praxis Team