FEB 2, 2018

Welcome to our February Newsletter and a big thank you to all those who we met at the iFX expo last month. We are excited to build on this very positive experience from Hong Kong.

ICE…ICE…Baby… If you would like to arrange a meeting with us, our next stop is the ICE Totally Gaming B2B gaming expo in London.
See you there this month!


New Processors and payment solutions are boarding with us every day, creating transaction opportunities to win new business from countries and jurisdictions you may be targeting or considering. Please feel free to contact us any time to discuss this. Allow us to help your business not only continue to obtain the highest approval rates, but to expand and increase your overall volume as a whole!

Contact us through [email protected] if you would like to find out more.


How to manually “ping” the processing server in order to request an update!
In rare occasions there are cases of delayed responses to Praxis Cashier.
As a result, the API connection times out, and no response is received.
These cases result in the transaction showing with Pending status.
If a transaction remains on “P” you can easily “Update State” of the transaction.
This will result in the cashier asking the Processor for a new update, and the Processor will return a response.


  • Go to Transactions > Search
  • In Search By filter choose “Trace ID” and input the number, click search.The transaction will appear.
  • In the processor dropdown menu, select the processor used in that transaction.The page will reload, and a blue box will appear next to the transaction.
  • Click on the box to select, and then click the “Update State” button above.
  • You will get a new message saying that the deposit is approved or declined and the new status will reflect in the Praxis back office. The CRM will also be updated accordingly.

Remember to always attempt this before you make any adjustment in your CRM. If you have already credited the customer balance manually and then “Update State”, this will result in a double credit and you will have to make a manual deduction.

Helpful Reminders:

Before requesting passwords for new users, you can assign these to the group of your choice by going to: Admin > Security > User permissions.
Simply create a username with the correct prefix for your brand and assign that user to the relevant group for access.
You can then send us the request to generate the relevant passwords.

When contacting support please always include Brand name as well as any reference of client’s PIN and/or transactions TraceID.

Never hesitate to reach out to our support team who is always here to help! Feel free to email us anytime at

[email protected]

As always, we wish you a busy and profitable month ahead!

The Praxis Team