Ending summer on a high note with Praxis

AUG 2, 2019

August Has Arrived!!
Praxis continues to strive to push your brand to reach its maximum potential!

Whether it’s offering cashier tips to maximize FTD’s, fraud prevention, or data security, we are here to serve!
We are happy to recommend solutions for any of your desired target markets from our expanding list of ‘New Integrations’;
We are here to help.
Reach out to us at any time!


  • Click here to read how Praxis provides ‘BOSS Gaming’ Solutions!
  • Don’t forget to contact us today to add ‘Iovation’ to your Praxis cashier!
  • Praxis now has integration with ‘WooCommerce’ and compatibility with ‘WordPress sites’!
  • New ‘Ingenico’ PSD2 and 3DS2 integration is now complete.

Feature of the Month:Post Deposit/Decline Redirect URL

Specify and set a custom URL for your customers to be dynamically redirected to after a declined or successful deposit.

This is especially useful when managing several websites or sub-domains!

This is set via your Front End Options.

Please shoot an email to our support team if you would like this setup!


Helpful Reminders:

  • We have new IP addresses for our DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) which will require whitelisting.
  • Please contact Support to obtain these.
    When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.”

Steven Cyros

  • If you have any new payment solutions and/or are looking to add a new payment processor; contact us today to check how we can add these to your Praxis cashier!

As always, we wish you a busy and profitable month ahead!Never hesitate to reach out to our support team who is always happy to assist!
Feel free to email us anytime at [email protected]

The Praxis Team