New payment service providers integrations were made, to increase your payment acceptance rates!

APR 4, 2018

Praxis continues to offer you the best opportunities, solutions and services to help develop and improve your business when using our smart cashier software.
Wishing you and your clients prosperous and happy holidays in the month ahead.


You won’t have to search for long. Every day we are integrating more Payment Service Providers to help you increase your payment acceptance rates! Talk to us and find out how we can help!
Whether it’s introducing you to new solutions or modifying current setups, we help keep you aligned with your business goals.
The iFX Expo is May 22-24. We have secured our Super Booth! Hop on over to Stand #112 to meet with us, we are looking forward to your visit!


Give your cashier a Spring clean! Organize the layout of your cashier by customizing the order of your deposit option buttons within the Cashier backoffice.
Easily adjjust the priority order of payment methods seen by your clients when they login and access their available processing methods.
Simply go to: Admin > Deposit Order


  • Drag and drop a payment method on the left to set the display order within the cashier for any selected country or keep as International.
    (Please note, system automatically filters available methods per country of registration and only displays what is available)
  • Click “Update Order”.
  • The buttons will now appear in the order you set for that particular customer country of registration:

Helpful Reminders:

When contacting [email protected], please always send a new email for each new
inquiry (as opposed to replying to open cases regarding a different subject), to not cause unnecessary delays or confusion.
Remember to view the message logs for trace IDs and PINs. Important information can be found within each transaction’s message logs.
By checking these as a priority, you can pin point what is causing an error or decline.
Found by searching the TraceID and scrolling to the bottom of the screen, or by clicking on the “Message Log” button within a customer’s dashboard and generating a
search for a chosen time period.

Never hesitate to reach out to our support team who is always happy to assist!

Feel free to email us anytime at [email protected]