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Because we are much more than a cashier, don’t miss out on
our new range of products to power your payments.
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Praxis Cashier - Welcome to Praxis

Welcome to Praxis

Cashier Software to Make Your Processing Flow

Our Offering

Ultimate Cashier Credit Card Icon

Ultimate Cashier

A cashier with over 300 PSP integrations that is modular, responsive, executes smart routing, high-level risk management rules and more.

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Praxis Bridge

Customize your deposit limits and methods per country, currency, campaign or any parameter you want. Optimize your business with us today.

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Processing Strategies

Praxis links various merchants with payment providers globally. We'll suggest processors to strengthen specific (GEO)-targets and expand your reach.

Who we are

The cashier software designed for you, by someone like you.

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We were once in your shoes; managing an operation that is constantly facing processing hurdles. Here is the one tool to overcome all the hardships you face.
Our software helps you maintain several processors, load balance volumes, route specific customers to desired payment solutions and do the kind of risk management that will bring you industrial peace.

One Cashier Software Solution for All Your Sites

Managing several websites in multiple currencies, doing proper reconciliation, increasing approval rates, withdrawals and keeping out the fraudsters has never been easier. Praxis allows you to use one interface to manage the finances of all your businesses.

Payment Efficiency

Praxis Cashier - Smart


Choose your own routing rules or let our algorithm route each credit card to the right processor. We'll be more than happy to explain over coffee.

Praxis Cashier - Modular


Our deposit order option is simple, just click and drag. Set the order of presented payment methods per country, as well as limits per customer and VIP level.

Praxis Cashier - Cashier Software

Cashier Software

Let the Praxis integration be your last integration. We have 300+ payment solutions you can board with, or just bring your own and we'll integrate them.

Custom Design

Custom Design

Your on-screen cashier is designed to appear native on your webpage application. The back office is where Praxis' software solution allows you to establish your own rules for credit card types, BIN country and customer profile, while automatically sending each transaction to the best performing payment service provider for higher approval rates.

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